Try not to laugh at this hysterical Tim Conway sketch. It’s impossible!

This is one of the shows I’m obsessed with. Nothing that’s on TV today is quite as funny as The Carol Burnett Show.

Likewise, when it comes to making me laugh, nobody does it quite like Mr. Tim Conway — especially when Harvey Korman is by his side.

You probably haven’t seen this sketch in years, but when it starts, it will instantly ring a bell. This is one of Tim Conway’s famous sketches with the even more famous “Oldest Man” as the lead character. Right now you should be smiling

The sketches plot is hilariously simple and equally clever: the Oldest Man is summoned by his royal highness (Harvey Korman) to convince a lady (Vicki Lawrence) to accept his proposal of marriage. Of course things never quite go as planned when the beloved Oldest Man is involved.

This sketch really takes me back and what always impresses me is the comedic repertoire of the great Harvey Korman. He was a legend in his time. Harvey Korman was Errol Flynn, Ronald Coleman, Clark Gable, and all the leading men of Hollywood rolled into one. Like one fan comments, “He could have been a silver screen movie star like any one of them. Thank goodness for us he was ALL of them!” High praise indeed and we completely agree.

Watch and enjoy this classic comedy sketch from our favorite funny show of all time and laugh along with us. Have fun and share the laughs with your friends.