Tim Conway has Harvey Korman in “stitches” in Carol Burnett sketch entitled ‘The Doctor’

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

If there’s one thing Tim Conway can do better than anyone, it’s making Harvey Korman break during their skits. Conway’s recurring character “The Oldest Man” is particularly adept at making Korman crack up. Conway plays a doctor who is paying a house call to an ill and grumpy Korman in this skit.

Conway often had me in hysterics, and he certainly wasn’t the only one. Most notably, his fellow artists often felt helpless, especially when Conway clearly attacked them with jokes. In the parody of the oldest man where the character is a doctor who makes a home visit.

There is a gleam of joy in Conway’s eyes as he leads to the reading of the curved line of the word “koala,” obviously confident that he will make Harvey Korman break. Korman did this, as used to be the case in many cases where he shared the stage with Conway.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman

The Oldest Man, sometimes known as Duane Toddleberry, is a recurring character in the comic sketches featured on The Carol Burnett Show. The character was created by Tim Conway during his participation on the show and is known for Conway’s portrayal of antics and improvised humor.

In a sketch in the Motion Picture & Television Fund, the character was reviewed on Conway’s live comedy tour with fellow actor Harvey Korman, twice on The Queen Latifah Show between, in a sketch in the Motion Picture & Television Fund. It was also featured in the collector’s edition DVD titled Together Again, including new skits starring Tim Conway and Harvey Korman in their classic roles from The Carol Burnett Show.

A man (Harvey Korman) is home sick with a bad cold and calls the doctor. Who turns out to be the oldest man (Tim Conway). Between a sneeze, he goes to open the door when the doorbell rings to see the Oldest Man.

Conway and Korman are considered by many to be one of the greatest comedy duos of all time. And their on-screen chemistry proves just that.

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