Tim Conway makes Vicki Lawrence break character on ‘The Carol Burnett Show’

Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ brought us many memorable sketches. One of those classics was the recurring sketch known as ‘The Family.’ The skit’s popularity inspired the spin-off hit ‘Mama’s Family.’

Vicki Lawrence, Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman

Carol Burnett played ‘Eunice Higgins’ who was married to Harvey Korman’s ‘Ed Higgins.’ In this sketch, Ed is working in his hardware store when he receives a surprise visit from Eunice and Mama.

Once Mama and Eunice enter, they complain about Ed’s inventory and ask him to take them to lunch. Mama needs a new rubber stopper for her drain hole in the bathtub, and Ed can’t seem to locate it. When he finally finds it, he tries to charge Mama 35 cents. She lashes out at him, and the audience loves it!

Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Carol Burnett, and Harvey Korman

As Eunice steps in to yell at Ed about lunch, Mama shoplifts the rubber stopper by tucking it in her purse while Ed is distracted. Then, a young woman comes in for some materials, and Ed is enthralled with her. She asks for a payphone, and Ed tells her she can use the office phone. Eunice doesn’t like it one bit!

When Mickey comes back in, he goes up to Mama’s face and yells as if she’s hard of hearing, ‘You got good color, Mother Harper, like your blue hair!’ Actress Vicki Lawrence cannot hold it together and starts giggling at Conway’s mannerisms. Conway’s ‘Mickey’ goes on a comedic rant about the different types of screws he could’ve brought back to Ed.

Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence

Eunice is so frustrated about Mickey and lunch that she storms out. On her way out, she grabs the phone from the young woman saying, ‘Give me that phone, you hussie!’ She tells Ed, ‘Thanks for the swell lunch cause that’s exactly what you’re gonna get for dinner!’ Of course, moments after she leaves, Ed accepts a lunch invitation from a friend who stops by. It’s great fun to watch these fantastic comedians play off each other’s talent!

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Tim Conway makes Vicki Lawrence break character on \'The Carol Burnett Show\'