Tim Conway’s “Oldest Man” Character Is HILARIOUS In “The Pit Stop” Sketch

“The Carol Burnett Show” Sketch “The Oldest Man: Pit Stop” Features Harvey Korman as a racecar driver needing a pit stop from ancient pit crew member Tim Conway. Shenanigans ensue when Conway attempts to perform the pit stop, but can’t move faster than a snail.

In this sketch, Harvey is a race-car driver and stops for a pit stop where his entire crew has left already, except “the oldest man” Tim Conway who moves so slowly that Harvey loses the race.

Conway’s flawless slapstick comedy really takes center stage in this sketch. He even cracked Korman up. As one Youtube commenter said: “Tim Conway always rehearsed it one way and then did something completely different for the actual take. Harvey Korman tried to keep it together but the improv of Tim always got the best of him.”

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