Tim Conway’s uproarious antics in front of Queen Carol Burnett

In Season 9, Episode 6 of ‘The Carol Burnett Show,’ Carol plays the Queen. She stands in a blue dress typical of the Queen’s wardrobe, and four soldiers are in front of her at the Royal castle.

A man hands her a medal of honor, and she turns to Tim Conway, dressed in a soldier uniform. Carol holds the medal up to him and says in a high-pitched voice, “For distinguished heroism in the face of the enemy above and beyond the call of duty.”

Carol continues, “We as your king and queen are proud to present to you, in the presence of your fellow countrymen gathered here, and the millions of viewers at home on the telly, the highest honor this nation can bestow.”

She puts the medal towards Tim, and he says, “I don’t want your medal!” He tells her to stick it in her ear. Carol is shocked and says every soldier wants a medal, and Tim responds that he wants a pony instead.

Carol walks back to her advising officer, and the officer suggests, “What if I have him beheaded?” She thinks it’s a great idea and walks back to Tim. Then, she asks Tim, “How would you like to have a pony with no head?”

Her advisor calls her back over because she didn’t understand him. Carol gets him a pony and reluctantly says this is the highest honor the nation can bestow. Tim looks at the pony and says he doesn’t want that one. He says he wants a blue one.

Carol says he is crazy, and she yells at him in her hilarious voice. Tim looks lost while she says, “I am out here, busting my royal bustle!” She tells him there’s no such thing as a blue pony, so he says he’ll take the medal. Carol lunges at him and chokes him in the hilarious ending.

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Tim Conway\'s uproarious antics in front of Queen Carol Burnett