It’s Time For This Boy To Go To Bed. I Was Amazed At His Bedtime Routine.

“Time for bed!” Ah. Words that can escalate a household mood from quiet to noisier than a heavy metal concert in the span of a few seconds. Getting a tired child to go to bed can exhaust the patience of even the most cheerful parent. It seems like the mommy and daddy of this house have solved that problem in getting their child Alexander to bed: Enlist the aid of a German Shepherd named Baron.

It all starts with Baron helping Alexander pick up his toys and put them in a plastic bin. The slobber must evaporate overnight. Then the two of them pray, with the pooch putting his paw on the bed as if he’s praying. That’s such a sweet part of the ritual. Baron knows that’s important and he makes sure that it’s completed. Next on the checklist is tucking him in – he pulls a sheet up to his chest.

Baron then lays in bed with Alexander while he reads a book. He knows that’s what helps him go to sleep. A lot of people read in bed. I don’t know how many of them do this while a dog that’s nearly the same size crowds a bed that’s barely big enough for one, but it seems to work and Alexander doesn’t mind. He seems to relish the company that he has in the giant pooch. At least the book in the video isn’t Clifford The Big Red Dog.

The capper is when Baron licks Alexander’s face for a good night kiss and then runs over to the light switch and turns it off to end the video. This is one well-trained dog. My cats just sit and stare at me when my wife is getting our son ready for bed. They know they eat the second his head hits the pillow, so they stalk me to try to get him to hurry up. Yes, that really works well… not.

This would make bedtime in my house much easier. It can be a struggle that resembles Star Wars: The Rebellion Vs. The Empire. What makes bedtime easier for you and your kids? Tell us below!

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