Timo Is an Enchantingly Busy Cat. But When He Goes To Play With Aquatic Friends? Oh Goodness!

Cats are creatures that can be very hard to keep occupied for more than 4 seconds at a time. My older cat, at least, likes to play with his toy for maybe 30 seconds before going off to find something else. My female cat is afraid of her own shadow, so forget about that. There are even some times that she will bring a toy to me, I’ll reach for it , and then she runs away. Sigh. Then there’s Timo, a ragdoll cat who lives in the Netherlands. He knows how to amuse himself, particularly in his daddy’ garden, as this video attests.

Timo is an avid chaser. He will chase anything, including a camera. He may even be chasing air molecules, since his eyesight’s so good, he can probably see those. Rolling around in the dirt is a favorite pastime of his too. For some reason, he likes to dip his paws into the koi pond. It’s not to catch fish. He also took a lick of the water, but that made me grimace. Then there’s the time-honored tradition of grooming himself in the most awkward and vulgar poses. That’s something my female cat has perfected.

It’s great that he’s able to do this all on his own. There may be pressure on some mommies or daddies to keep their kitties occupied. No pressure here – he’s got quite a large playground in the form of the garden. I just hope he doesn’t leave presents, like poop, for his daddy to find later on in the dirt. Eh. It’s good fertilizer for everything growing in the garden, anyways. That’s another way he contributes.

Of course, this tends to be the exception more than the norm. Many people don’t have these elaborate gardens with koi goldfish. Their gardens tend to consist of one potted plant and they may have one goldfish in a tank that the cat keeps trying to eat. Everyone has their own different ways of getting their cats to stay amused. Then again, many of them wouldn’t mind if their cats slept all day. Then they can have fun in their dreams.

I was enthralled with Timo the whole time. How about you? Let us know your thoughts!

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