The Tiniest Blind Kitty Was Given His First Gift Ever in His Adorable Little Life. Happy Tears!

Animals are born with defects, just like us. It doesn’t deter them, much like we don’t let them deter us. Some dogs and cats are born deaf. Others may be missing limbs. It doesn’t matter. They have such wonderful spirits. We could learn from how they live their lives. But it’s also up to the people who take care of them. They need to make them feel ordinary, like their disability is something that can be worked with. This video shows a husband and wife playing with a blind kitty named Oscar that they had adopted the day before.

Who knows what the conditions were before they adopted him, but Oscar had never played with toys before. Well, not before this. The video shows them rolling a ball with a bell in it. It bumps against him and his ears suddenly perk up. Slowly, he starts batting the ball around and then faster and faster. If you were watching him from behind, at this point you wouldn’t know that Oscar had no eyesight. It’s very endearing to watch.

This is the best way to go about handling disabled pets. While they do want them to be careful, they don’t make that many concessions to Oscar’s blindness. To do otherwise would be to place them in a bubble for their whole lives, and nobody benefits from that. Sure, life may seem easier, but it’s also a surefire way to have a bored kitty. Bored kitties tend to get in trouble a lot faster than non-bored ones.

Oscar’s going to be having a ball (no pun intended) living in this house. He’s got three balls with bells for him and I’m sure his Mommy and Daddy will find other toys for him to play with over the years. Now they might have to do something about his learning to navigate around the house. For some reason, I’m picturing him meowing and using the echoes to move around, much like Daredevil… well, that’s another video for another time.

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