The Tiniest Blind Kitty Was Given An Immense Gift For The First Time Ever In His Adorable Little Life, I Cried!

When they gave tiny Oskar his first toy, he seemed disinterested at first. After some time alone, he gently touched it then warmly hugged it. I could watch him play with his toys all day! He became much more interested and immediately started to play with it. He has several of these balls and loves chasing them around the room.

The vet did not have toys he could play with, at least not one toy he actively played with. None of the toys had that, “Meow” Factor. Try as Oskar might, he just cannot find a toy to call his own. Oh well, there will be plenty of time for picking the perfect plaything.

Oskar has not been with his new mom for long, but I can tell they are going to be inseparable. We were lucky enough to catch Oskar in his first few weeks in a new residence. The acclimation process has already begun, but Oskar does not seem to be playing. He has been isolated to a laundry room, with his own private litter box. Something of a five star resort for pretty kittens, all expenses paid, all that is required is lots of love and the promise of care. I think we all need that every once in a while, especially poor Oskar.

Klaus and Oskar did not seem to get off on the right foot. That is why Oskar is isolated to this private paradise or laundry room. I am familiar with the territory issues some cats may have. Moreover, what the challenged cat may respond in a less desirable fashion if one feels of threatened. Now introduce a cute new member of the family.

The mom knew what was going on with Oskar before she got him. It had nothing to do with the toys the vet had. Nor did it completely have to do with Klaus. Watch this astonishingly brave Kitten in the face of darkness.
Next time we all have a challenge; we may want to look to Oskar for guidance. We would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below! Do not Be Shy!

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