Tinni And Sniffer Are The Real Life The Fox And The Hound! You’ll Fall In Love When You See Them!

When I was a little kid, one evening, my dad came home with a vhs copy of The Fox and the Hound. It easily became one my favorite classic Disney Films; as an adult I read the book and it just made me appreciate the film even more! If you also enjoyed this story your heart will melt when you meet Tinni and Sniffer!

Tinni is an adorable German shepherd and Sniffer is a fox! They met and became friends in a forest in Norway, when Sniffer was just a baby! Torgeir Berge, Tinni’s dad, is a photographer, when he saw the tiny fox he noticed two things: the baby’s mother probably was dead and Tinni took an inmediate liking to him! He saw that Sniffer was desperately seeking company and food and in no time at all the Fox and the dog were prancing and jumping around as best friends! Torgeir kept taking Tinni everyday to the forest so he could play with his newfound friend.

Torgeir had an original song composed its included in the video below, be sure to have your volume up to enjoy it, it makes the clip even more heart-melting! In addition to this a book was released, with other children’s stories, which included Tinni and Sniffer’s beautiful tale of friendship!  Complete with fox facts and photos taken by Torgeir, be sure to look into it if you enjoyed this amazing story.

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