Tiny 2-yr-old stamps her feet and picks a “fight” with mommy that has internet cracking up

An “Argument” by definition is the discussion of two people about a common subject. The comparisons of two or more differing opinions about the same outcome. Well that’s my definition anyway, but let’s face it, we all like a good argument sometimes, don’t we? There are the arguments where you know that you are right, no matter how wrong you finally get proven. The arguments that you start just for the fun of it, you know, the one where you like to aggravate a friend or family member, just because you know that they will take the bait, hook-line-and-sinker.

I personally don’t like to argue with people I am one of those people that try to avoid arguments and confrontation at all costs. This is not because I am afraid of arguing, it’s because I know if I get started there will be no stopping me, and I will probably say things that I know I will regret latter. It is a self-preservation-technique that a lot of people have. Know your own limitations, both positive and especially negative.

Some people just thrive on arguing, and in my opinion are people that you want to avoid at all costs. People that argue for the sake of arguing, those type of people that can’t be proven wrong, no matter the facts. I have a friend who I once had a discussion with that was adamant that what he was stating was correct. I knew he was wrong, because he was talking about a subject that I know quite a lot about, but he wouldn’t have it, no matter what I said, he was absolutely sure that he was right. The conversation ended because I couldn’t be bothered with it anymore and changed the subject to something I knew he was an expert in. problem solved, argument over, peace restored.

Some people learn to voice their opinions at a very early age. When I say voice their opinions, I mean argue. But you have to wonder where do they get this habit from? Who have they been watching? And who are they now mimicking? In the clip below you are going to witness one of the funniest arguments ever captured on camera. A two-going-on-twenty-year-old is having an argument with her mother. Mom can’t get a word in as her cute-as-anything-competitor hardly takes a breath between words. The funniest thing about this clip is that the little girl only knows a few word of English, and the rest of what she is saying is totally un-intelligible.

Click on the link below and try to not laugh at one of the funniest clips I have seen on YouTube for a long time. You will just fall-in-love with this single minded toddler who is a prime example of why they call this the terrible-twos.