Tiny Abandoned Kittens Trapped In Wood Pile. Will They Survive? Incredible!

Cliff was near a wood pile in a dumpster when he heard faint mewls. The dumpster was a mess, with piles of wood precariously balanced and although he could hear the kittens, he couldn’t make out where they were in that wood pile.

Peering into the wooden depths, he could make out a small creature that was clinging onto one of the wooden pieces for dear life. Before making any moves for rescuing the fur babies, he listened carefully and identified how many kittens were trapped in the wood pile. Then he planned his rescue as he didn’t want to step or further endanger any of those trapped kittens.

The first kitten’s eyes were barely open. He placed one in his pocket to keep it safe and warm and continued his search which resulted in several kittens emerging from the dumpster. Even though he took great care, one furry baby didn’t make it through.

Unfortunately, the mother gave birth in a box which was discarded in the dumpster. The pieces of wood were so haphazardly placed that it took Cliff 7 hours to rescue the little ones. After getting them all out, it was clear to see that they were so young that they would care and attention 24/7.

Cliff and his family asked around for help and Watching Over Whiskers, based in Springfield Missouri responded, gave a helping hand. They took in the kittens and bathed and fed them. With two kittens being too small to eat on their own, Roxy, a rescue cat mama was brought in who showered them with much needed milk and TLC.

Even though they faced a lot of hardship in their young lives, they have pulled through and are doing well in their foster home. With the help and support from Cliff, surrogate mom and the caregivers, the fur babies have transformed into healthy kittens.

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