Tiny Adopted Kitten Can’t Get Enough of Her Gentle 135-Pound Mastiff Brother

After having a relaxing afternoon at a local park, a woman heard the faint sound of a kitten meowing. She looked around to see a precious baby kitten walking alone and instantly jumped into action.

There wasn’t a mama cat or owner around, so she decided to bring the abandoned feline home. Now named Wendy, the fluffy white kitty was excited to explore her new environment, including a surprise friend.

George is a 135-pound Mastiff, and Wendy is no bigger than his paw. The gentle giant didn’t take long to accept the precious baby as one of his one. The two buddies eat together, nap together, and bring out the best in one another.

George’s owner knew Wendy found a loving home when the pair bonded. She says that Wendy has helped George a lot with grieving the loss of the friend he lost earlier in the year and that the two are meant to live a long and happy life.