Tiny Baby Boy Wants To Golf With Father. A Tremendous Follow-Through, But Aim Needs Work. ROFL!

Kids really baffle us from time to time. They are the smoothest little ones we’ve ever met, able to safely complete the most haphazard tricks and stunts successfully one minute. The next they slip on air. Siblings certainly have a way of amplifying the hilarity, as they aim to do some form of damage or another. Kids will always be a tad clumsy and they will do so with things we usually wouldn’t want them to. The poor footloose angels really have an interesting way of interacting with other kids and seem accident prone to quite an extreme degree. That doesn’t make them any less precious. They slowly learn to grasp things, their grip isn’t nearly as strong as our, their muscles not nearly as developed, and coordination comes on slow at times. Objects that move fast tend to continue until impact.

Yet, with all their precious endeavors, with all their ups and downs, their tumbles and scrapes, their death-defying stunts that seem to go awry so suddenly, with no time to react, those moments are truly hilarious. I remember being quite the daredevil myself, which resulted in one or two trips to the hospital. Certainly, didn’t stop me from being a klutz. I would go on to do many death-defying and incredibly ill-advised stunts. From the tricks that went awry, there were only a few times an adult could’ve given me a warning that could’ve prevented it. The rest were inevitable.

However, some of these kids bring it on themselves. They need to learn early, otherwise they’ll try to be Evil Knievel at 25 and really realize their clumsiness. These kids though? The reactions when it doesn’t go their way left me grabbing my sides, doubled over, slapping my knee.

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