Tiny Baby Elephant Discovers Her Trunk For The FIRST Time. What She Does Next? ADORABLE!

Baby elephants are undoubtedly one of the cutest things on planet earth. All babies are equally cute, but you cannot help but melt when you see a baby elephant with big ears and tiny trunks and their clumsy characteristics. The video below features one of these cuties, but wait till you realize what she is doing! You are going to grin from ear to ear!

This little baby is only one week. She is from the Chai Lai Orchid Eco-Lodge in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And in this clip, you can see her working out how to use her trunk. Many people think she has an itchy nose or itchy feet, but whatever the reason, she is the cutest little thing!

She’s standing with mom in this clip. Mom is never far away and her trunk makes several appearances in the video. But the baby is the real attraction. She’s just a few days old and seems a bit confused about this long, dangly thing attached to her face. In an effort to figure out how to use it, she gets her feet involved.

Maybe she does have itchy feet, but I don’t think so. It seems like she’s just working out how to use her trunk to pick something up, and her feet are the obvious choice, right? I kept waiting for her to fall down, but she doesn’t.

My guess is she will soon graduate to picking up leaves and learning how to take a bath with that trunk. I hope the people at the lodge film that and put it on YouTube too!

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