Mama Elephant Decides Her Little One Has Had Enough Time in The Bath. Hilarious!

Babies are, without a doubt, some of the cutest things in this world. Whether they are human babies or animal babies, all of them are adorable just the same. They are really unaware of the world around them, and their naivety is so innocent. For instance, just take a look at this adorable baby elephant in the clip below!

This little elephant lives in the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand. Baby Navann is only one year old in this clip, but his fascination with water and bathtubs seem to be on a really deep level. This little guy is hooked! He looks so happy to have this bit of water to play in, but he hasn’t quite figured out how to take a bath.


At one point in the video, it even looks as if he wants to fit inside the tiny tub! Actually, for much of the video, he is really trying to fit his entire body in the tub. Somebody needs to take this little guy to the river because he is ready.

He’s trying to bathe by spraying himself with water but hasn’t quite figured out how to get his trunk to cooperate. So he sprays his chest instead of his back. It is too cute. But wait till you see what happens when mama decides to intervene.