Darling Baby Elephant Is Confused By This Lady’s Lack of Trunk

Babies are a curious little breed, whether they are human babies or animals babies. Each one of them wants to make an exciting new discovery every single day. Just ask this little baby elephant. This calf should win an award for cuteness.

This adorable baby elephant from India is trying to figure out why his caretaker has such a small nose. The elephant tries his hardest to grab the girl’s trunk, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have one. This poor guy is so confused, and it is really hilarious.


This little elephant really is bewildered by how short this girl’s trunk is. He must be wondering how on earth she can pick anything up. It also looks like he wants to sit in her lap too. Elephants are very social animals, and there are many clips of them on the internet trying to cuddle with humans.

I’m impressed with his caretaker, as well. Imagine how much patience she has to sit there and let an elephant perform a detailed examination on her face. She’s very fortunate that this cute little guy didn’t have to sneeze. What a sweet interaction between these two. She must really enjoy going to work every day.

Darling Baby Elephant Is Confused By This Lady\'s Lack of Trunk