Tiny baby hippo can’t let go of her mama

Parental care of newborn babies in animal species lies solely on the mother. However, in the case of a hippopotamus, the parents take respective responsibilities in taking care of their little one for at least a year.

Baby hippo

Recently, one such caring mama hippo and her family had been taking care of their newborn baby hippo. But unfortunately, the little one loved throwing tantrums and calling out for her mom.

The baby hippo liked being around the adults and always found her place between her family members. So the cute family of hippos took a nap together, partially submerged in water.

The mama hippo always kept an eye on the little one as the tiny baby had a habit of getting herself into trouble. So while the mother rested, she made sure that the baby slept next to her.

However, even while the little one slept, she fell into the water since the baby hippo was sleeping right at the edge of the water source. The mama hippo quickly got up to help her baby.

The cute baby hippo got up on her own and was later groomed by her caring mother. She made sure that the baby was close to her, and even the baby followed her loving mom.

When the little hippo was in the water, she would snuggle with her parents, and while she was roaming on the land, she made sure that all her sleepy family members played with her.

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Tiny baby hippo can’t let go of her mama