A tiny baby piglet is taking a nap, but watch when his mom comes for him

Baby animal videos never fail to entertain and delight. There are thousands of clips of puppies, kittens, and goats, but all baby animals deserve their 15 minutes of fame and this little piglet certainly does not disappoint. Take advantage of some down time and watch this cute video. It has been scientifically proven that animal videos can help reduce stress by making us smile and laugh, so reduce your stress by watching this adorable pig.

We all have our favorite animals, but pigs kind of get a bad wrap because they like to roll in the mud, but when you watch this little piggy in the video you will start to love pigs as much as I do! Baby pigs are some of the cutest creatures ever and they deserve their 15 minutes of fame, just like other animals. Watch how they move their cute little ears and wrinkle their snouts and even wag their squiggly tail. You’ll see why they are so cute.

In this video you’ll see an unsuspecting little pig soundly sleeping on a pile of wood. He looks like he’s dreaming about a lovely, cool puddle of mud to roll around in or some gourmet food he wants to devaour. But when his mother comes to get him to go outside and play, the cuteness factor will make you fall in love with this precious piglet. It’s also fun to watch the bond between this mother and her piglet.

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