Tiny Bulldog Puppy Notices His Reflection In The Mirror For The 1st Time. And Then? LOL!

When you are a baby, there are many things that you actually get to experience for the first time. Whether you are a human or an animal, the situation is the same. The not-so tiny English bulldog puppy in the video given below is having his first experience with a mirror and it is utterly cute! I can’t stop smiling at his playfulness!

When he noticed his own reflection in the mirror, he probably thought he had a brand new friend to play with. It is really funny to see how the puppy is desperately trying to make sense of what exactly is going on around him. At first, he looks confused and just kind of stands there, still looking cute.

But then his reaction is really priceless! He jumps toward the mirrors and when he hits it with his head, he jumps back looking even more confused! But he’s ready to play and starts trying to meet this cute pup in the mirror. He jumps from side to side and rolls around. It’s adorable.

He’s kind of pudgy and really cute, so sometimes he rolls around even when he doesn’t mean to. But at some point he figures out this other dog isn’t going to play with him, and at the end of the clip he just walks away to find something else to play with. But I’m guessing he will be visiting that mirror quite often now!

Watch this cute dog in the video below and let us know your thoughts about the video in the comments section!

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