This Tiny Cat Discovers A Musical Greeting Card, What He Does After… TOO FUNNY!

Giving someone a gift can surely be a very hard task, especially when you forget about it until the last possible minute. Thankfully, we have those funny musical greeting cards that can always draw a smile in every person, in the very least! Could you imagine how adorable they would be if they used singing cats instead of people? Just watch the video below!

The kitten depicted in it is adoring the new greeting card that he received, and it’s no coincidence that the card features some of his feline cousins singing instead of the usual high pitched voices. She even steals the card for himself as a way of showing how much he likes it over the other humans.

Don’t forget to notice the cat’s adorable markings on his skin! My cat has stripes the way a tiger has, but I’ve never seen a tabby with spots before! I wonder how this cat got his special look and fur? He’s so cute!

Watch this adorable cat enjoy a musical greeting card in the cute video right below, and if you like it, imagine how much your Facebook friends will when you share it!

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