This Tiny Cat Finds A Musical Greeting Card, What He Does After… SO FUNNY!

Waiting until the last minute to find the right gift for someone just makes it that much harder, especially if you forgot. Fortunately, there are plenty of musical gift cards that are sure to get a laugh. Imagine how cute these cards would be if they used singing cats instead of people. Just watch the video below to see what happens when they do!

The singing card featured in the video below is actually for a kitten, not a human, so it’s no surprise the voices on the card belong to some of his feline cousins instead of the corny high-pitched human voices they use. This kitten likes the card so much she steals it away and doesn’t want to share.

Be sure to pay attention to the special markings on the cat. My tabby cat has stripes like a tiger, but this tabby cat actually has spots. I am curious how he ended up with this unique look. He is so cute!

Watch this adorable cat enjoy a musical greeting card in the video below, and if you like it, imagine how much your Facebook friends will when you share it!

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