A Tiny Cat Wandered Into A Bear Exhibit, Now Watch When She Walks Up To A Big Bear

Domestic cats are not a common sight at zoos. So when employees and visitors at the Folsom City Zoo in California found a cat chilling out in one of the exhibits, they were pretty surprised. As a treat, the caretakers at the zoo spread out dog food for the bears in the morning. But the tiny stray cat started showing up to enjoy the dog food meant for the bears. What a clever, and brave, little cat.

This clever kitty was named Little Bear by the zookeepers, for obvious reasons. The little feline was not scared of the huge bears at all and seemed to fit right in with them. She even made friends with one of the bears that clearly has a big heart and enjoys playing with the kitty. Little Bear must seem like a furry plaything for him.

The big bear is named Sakoa, and he is quite gentle with the little kitten. She started spending more and more time in the bear enclosure and they came to do more than tolerate her. They seem to love having her around.

Most people are shocked by this odd and unlikely couple of friends, but Little Bear and Sakoa are happy in each other’s company. Their bond proves that friendship has no limits. If only humans could learn to accept each other’s differences as well as these two have.

Watch this amazing story below! What are your thoughts about this unusual friendship? Let us know in the comments section!

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