Tiny cow loves to sit on jetski while dad zips around on lake

Baby cow on jetski

Teddy and Amber are parents of two beautiful dogs, Huck and Chewy, and one tiny cow Oliver Dale (Ollie). Ollie’s favorite human was his daddy. The cow never wanted to leave his dad, even if he had to swim. So, when Teddy asked him if Ollie wished to join him for a swim, all of a sudden, Ollie took a leap into the water.

Cow and dogs swimming

Ollie started to swim right towards his dad. At first, he swam around with the two dogs, Huck & Chewy, in circles. But as soon as Teddy had his hands on him, he stopped swimming and just laid his head over Teddy’s shoulder and allowed him to hold his body.

Ollie loved being in the water, cooling off on hot days. Usually, when he was worn out after the swim, he would reach out to his dad so that he could relax. But, of course, the other thing that the cow couldn’t stop from doing was wrestling and playing with his brothers Huck and Chewy all day long.

Baby cow

The adorable cow loved to explore his brothers’ surroundings, and the dogs stayed close to him. But, of course, Ollie always did whatever the dogs did, so Teddy and Amber thought it made sense to take him to the boat dock.

They were not surprised at all when Ollie joined them. He was very curious on his first boat trip. He spent a lot of time walking around the boat or watching the water from the small boat. Ollie liked the wind gushing over his fur a lot and relaxed whenever that happened.

Baby cow on jetski

Going on the boat became a regular thing for the tiny cow. Whenever Ollie went for a boat ride, he sat back and relaxed nowadays and enjoyed the ride. However, when Ollie got hungry and found one of his parents eating. He would be right in front of their face asking to feed him. He never stopped until he got some food.

Chewy absolutely loved to go on anything that his dad drove. However, Ollie was fond of riding on the Jet Ski. He basically sat on the side with his front legs over the seat. The enthusiastic cow did not mind how he sat. For Teddy & Amber, Ollie was like their kid. According to the couple, they could never be in a bad mood if they were with him. He was their little hero.

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Tiny cow loves to sit on jetski while dad zips around on lake