This Tiny And Cute Green Kitty Enjoys Helping His Father When He Does Gardening

We all know and are sure about the classy behavior of kittens. We know their tastes, we know what they like and enjoy, and we also know perfectly what they don`t like; and being dirty or dusty, is not exactly something they adore or enjoy. But this time, the story is different and we’ll bring you a slightly different story which we are sure you will enjoy and love.

This little and cute kitten named Weske, is something out of this world. He is a different kind of kitty and he has a very peculiar way of having fun every time he goes out, and this includes getting dirty… just a little bit. Usually, we know that cats do not like being dirty or full of dirt or dust for a second, their natures make them want to be clean all the time. When cats are away from home, they prefer to be clean, maybe take a nap and enjoy the weather without getting dirty, but in this story, we are going to tell you the opposite.

This little kitty’s daddy’s name is Simon. Every time Simon goes outside of his house to fix his garden, Weske, his cat, goes behind him immediately. Each time the cat sees his dad looking for gardening gloves and preparing to leave the house, he runs to his side and prepares to leave the place with him. This kitten’s plan is to give all the help his owner needs, no matter what, no matter all the dirt!

Apparently, the kitten loves to be away from home, but only to explore the garden.  He likes to pay attention to everything that happens around them whenever they are outside. He likes fresh air, lay on the floor, play with dust and he even likes to sleep and rest on the damp ground.

Its owner thinks, that this little kitten will be a great hunter when he grows up. But in the meantime, do not push it. They enjoy gardening activities together and like to spend time together in the garden.

Watch the video of this little cat and tell us what made you feel. I was laughing dead watching the behavior of this kitten.  Don`t forget to leave your comments!!

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