Tiny dancer turns into adorable ‘Dance Monkey’ in sweet street show

It’s not every day that you come across a street performance that catches your attention and warms your heart. In the streets of Santa Monica, a young Ukrainian violinist named Karolina Protsenko, who has taken the internet by storm with her brilliant violin skills, delivers yet another charming performance.

At 14 years old, she has achieved incredible success as a violinist. Recently, she’s joined by the talented Daniele Vitale on saxophone to perform a rendition of the hit song “Dance Monkey” initially by ‘Tones and I.’

Karolina announces the song to the gathered crowd. She mentions that their cover has reached 100 million views on Daniele Vitale’s social media. And as soon as the first notes of their rendition ring out, a young spectator can’t help but join in.

A 1-year-old baby girl, clearly captivated by the music, toddles over and starts dancing to the lively tune. Karolina and Daniele don’t miss a beat, continuing to play as the crowd watches, entranced by the unexpected performer.

Karolina, born in Kyiv, Ukraine, comes from a musical family. Her parents, Nikolay and Ella Protsenko are talented musicians who play the guitar and piano. Karolina began honing her violin skills after moving to the United States with her family at 6. Eventually, she took to performing on the streets of Santa Monica, California.

In this particular performance, it’s clear that the young violinist has come a long way from her first street performances as an 11-year-old. The chemistry between Karolina and Daniele is undeniable as they play off each other, their instruments blending seamlessly. Their rendition of “Dance Monkey” takes on a new life as the violin and saxophone intertwine, creating a truly unique musical experience.

As the song progresses, the dancing baby captures the hearts of everyone watching. The audience’s reactions range from smiles to laughter as the little girl moves to the music, clearly enjoying every moment. Karolina, too, seems to be having a blast, her face lighting up with joy as she plays and watches the little dancer.

The impromptu performance ends and the crowd erupts in applause. Karolina and Daniele graciously thank their audience and the little girl, whose presence undoubtedly added a magical touch to the performance.

Moments like these remind us of the power of music to bring people together, regardless of age or background. Karolina’s remarkable journey, from a young girl playing violin in Ukraine to a world-renowned performer, inspires us all.

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Tiny dancer turns into adorable \'Dance Monkey\' in sweet street show