This Four-Season Tiny House Boat Is Built For Full-Time Living

Because tiny houses are becoming increasingly popular, this video was created to show off a tiny houseboat that is truly adorable. It’s also an amazing twist on a well-known concept.

We think that when you see this video tour, you will be amazed at all of the details in this tiny houseboat. It took a great vision to see where all this could be placed and look so great.

Incredibly, this boat can be lived in during all the four seasons and is perfect for one or two people, with wait for it… plenty of room to spare! We reckon that seeing this video will make you want to build your own magical tiny houseboat to travel in.

This amazing houseboat is owned by Bonnie who lives in Wakefield, Québec, Canada. When she got the idea to build a tiny house, she soon realized a tiny houseboat would be ideal.

This tiny house has everything you could possibly need to live. From a kitchen to an upstairs bedroom, each detail has been carefully mapped out in this home.