Tiny dog goes fishing with dad 600 miles offshore

Kale had adopted his grandpa’s Welsh Terrier puppy, Maggie. Ever since she was adopted, she had accompanied Kale in his crazy sea adventures. He trained her on little boats and eventually introduced her to big ships.

Maggie was a slow learner when she was a puppy but eventually became a pro when she grew up. The caring dad took the cute dog with him when he went tuna fishing. Maggie was super excited when she saw a sea lion and started wagging her tail for the first time.

The happy dog was really interested in the wild animal. Maggie was always ready to start a new adventure and loved going on boat rides. Wherever Kale went, she went with him. The brave dog would go 600 miles offshore and enjoy it even when the weather was rough.

She would just hop in and just enjoy the bumpy ride. She had learned to balance herself in the rough sea. Even her dad enjoyed taking her on the boat as Maggie was his best companion.

Kale went on Tuna fishing for at least 2 weeks, and the boat trip could even extend to a month. Whenever Kale was out fishing, his dog would join him. She basically did what his dad and the other crew members did from morning to night.

The crew used to wake up at 3 am, so Maggie did the same. She would hang out with the whole team, have breakfast, and then start to do whatever the others did. Maggie was always close to everyone.

Everyone on board loved the happy dog, who ensured they were alright. Maggie made many friends while on a fishing adventure with her dad. She was a morale booster for the people on the boat. Kale loved going on sea adventures together with his dog.

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Tiny dog goes fishing with dad 600 miles offshore