Tiny Dog Heard The Baby Cry, But Wait Till You See What He Did In Response! Unbelievable!

Babies are bundles of joy to their parents. But sometimes, they can really get on your nerves. They can be messy, they can be loud, and who could forget the incessant crying? The parents in this video had to face a similar thing. Their baby was crying and screaming nonstop. Things were looking quite glum, and they didn’t know what to do. The baby didn’t seem to be sick or in pain, but they were at a loss. And that’s when they got help from an unexpected but welcome source.

The tiny baby got upset about something and he started to cry. It seems like he’s done this before, otherwise why would his mom film her baby crying? But his Maltese brother couldn’t stand to see him in such distress and knew just what to do.

This little Maltese sitting next to the baby tries to soothe him by howling over and over! Maybe the baby got confused, or maybe he found it amusing, but either way, he quieted down instantly! It is really precious! But that’s not all that happens.

The dog stops howling, and after a few seconds, the baby starts to cry again. So the dog howls again. The baby stops, but this pattern is repeated several times. Part of me started to wonder if the baby knew exactly what he was doing just wanted to hear the little dog howl! How clever he must be!

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