This Tiny Dog Thought His Sister’s Life Was In Danger, So He Did This To Protect Her

Eekichi is a tiny toy poodle with a big heart and a big fear of vacuum cleaners. We have all seen videos of pets who run away every time the vacuum cleaner is turned on, and Eekichi is no exception, unless his human sister is around, because despite his own fear of the vacuum, all he can think about is his sister’s safety. He really doesn’t want this dangerous, loud machine to hurt his sister. When his owner turned on the vacuum cleaner, little Eekichi didn’t think twice before he ran to his human sibling’s aid acting as a shield. Many think that he was in fact seeking solace in the baby, but his owner disagrees.

She writes in the YouTube description that her little dog is only seven pounds, but that she is proud to say that her dog loves her daughter so much so that he would physically protect her with his tiny seven-pound body! She says she can’t wait to show her daughter this video when she gets older so she can know just how strong their bond has always been and how protective the dog was of her, even at such a young age. It does seem to me that he is trying to protect her.

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