Tiny frozen kitten coaxed back to life now refuses to leave his injured owner’s lap

You probably remember Lazarus the cat. If not, here’s a quick refresh: Last Thanksgiving, the Binham family found a kitten in the freshly fallen snow outside. They thought the kitten was dead, but brought it inside and warmed it by the fire. After some heat, and a little kitten CPR, he came back to life.

Since then, Lazarus has been enjoying his new family, and his new chance at life. He’s turned out to be a loving and affectionate cat, who is in tune with his human’s needs.

Not long ago, Bradley Bingham, Lazarus’ owner, had to stay in the hospital overnight after he broke his leg. As soon as he got home, Lazarus made it his goal to make his human as happy and comfy as possible.

And what did Bingham need most? Cuddles, of course.

“Just walked into the door, first thing, [he’s] right onto my lap,” Bingham says in a video he posted about Lazarus

Not only is Lazarus there for emotional support, he keeps a close eye on Bingham’s cast, as well. He hardly ever leaves Bingham’s lap, resting his head on the cast.

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