This tiny girl is only 3 yrs old. But when she did this? Look at Ellen’s face! Wow!

Emma is a very talented toddler and one of the world’s youngest gymnasts. Having seen the video of her executing gymnastic moves unheard of in a child of her age, Ellen couldn’t wait to have her on her show.

Like a lot of talented people, Emma was a bit shy so she went on the show with her mom. We found out that her favorite gymnastic person was Gabby Douglas, not just for her gymnastic skills but her leotard as well. The reason her mother wanted her to try gymnastic was because Emma was a clumsy kid.

Let’s see how clumsy. The best part of this video begins with Emma showing off her gymnastic skills on a high bar, a floor mat and a trampoline. Emma warmed up with a few spins on the high bar and then she did a stationary handspring on the mat that had Ellen giggling and covering her mouth in disbelief! She followed that up with three cartwheels on the trampoline that won her a giant jar of Ellen’s hugs.

Ellen’s hugs were to complement Emma’s jar of Daddy’s kisses. Her father was on a tour of Afghanistan and before he left he gave her a jar of Daddy’s kisses which Emma was supposed to have just one a day. It’s hard for any kid to keep to one a day, but now that she had a jar of Ellen’s hugs to go with Daddy’s kisses, there would a lot less incentive to cheat.