When This Tiny Himalayan Kitten Gets Hungry, She Does THIS! You Won’t Believe How Cute This Is!

Every so often you can see animals do strange things. You can see dogs riding your bike, or cats scaring postmen, or birds dancing along with the beat! And thanks to the internet for giving us our daily dose of weirdness. When this Himalayan kitten gets hungry, she asks for food. But you’ll be instantly puzzled when you hear how she does it.

This cute, fuzzy, white furball doesn’t meow. Or maybe she does and it just comes out wrong. But this sound is actually a really big sound to come from such a small kitty, and it doesn’t sound anything like a cat.

This is one of the weirdest sounds I have ever heard a cat make. Actually, it’s not just weird, it is truly unique.  I thought a goat had somehow sneaked into the room. If you play this video and close your eyes, you would probably think it was a goat too! What a confusing meow right?

But when it’s feeding time, this kitty’s human doesn’t have to look at clock because this kitty makes her wishes known right away and loudly! She walks up to mom making her goat sounds and it is only seconds before her human picks her up to give her a bottle. I’m not sure what happened to her mom, but she has a good human taking good care of her, that’s for sure.

Watch this cute Himalayan kitten in the video below! Have you heard a cat sound this way before? Share your thoughts about this in the comments!

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