Tiny house design makes it a perfect place for couples to retire

Cathy and Chris’s home subverts a lot of tiny home expectations with its high ceilings, full kitchen, and large bathroom. The couple worked for six months with Idea Box, a tiny home builder in Oregon, to design and build their dream house in the Coachella valley of California.

Tiny house

Eco-friendly building processes and energy efficiency were essential to Cathy. The builders considered all this and were able to give her the energy-efficient space of her dreams in less than six months!

Their home is 400 square feet and includes many stunning features with maximum space efficiency. The tiny house has a gorgeous full kitchen, functional storage, living space, a double shower, and a patio door off the bedroom.


Their tiny home sits on a former RV plot with plenty of space for outdoor entertaining. The property also has a separate shed the couple affectionately calls “the bunkie,” which functions as a multi-purpose room.

Cathy has used the bunkie as an art studio, massage station, guest room, and storage for the winter. She emphasizes how important it is to use space to its fullest potential when living in a tiny area.

Tiny house

For Cathy and Chris, tiny living allows them to do what they want while looking at their lives in a new light. It has offered them more flexibility and less stress because there is less work to do without a big household to maintain.

Cathy and Chris prove that tiny living can look different for each person without sacrificing what they love. Their tiny home provides them with everything they need to live out their lives together and enjoy every moment of retirement.

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