This Tiny House on Wheels Looks Small on The Outside but It’s Awesome on The Inside!

The tiny home has been trending over the last few years. It used to be that would-be-homeowners thought that tiny homes were weird, geeky or unpractical. But now that they see how much they can get with such little investment, they are becoming followers as well.

Tiny homes are not only affordable, but they are also incredibly low on maintenance. It is easy to see why these houses are a great alternative to those who wish something else besides the more traditional forms of housing. If you are someone who has been looking for ways of cutting costs and want to make your living simpler, then you might want to check out the tiny home in the following video.


Maybe you have been thinking about getting one but because you also love gardening, but you think there’s no feasible way of combining the two. Well, think again. This tiny home is the perfect living space for people who love gardening and wish to take advantage of the possibilities and convenience that owning a Tiny Home gives you.

This home is known as The Elsa, and it comes with its own porch and greenhouse. The manufacturer is called Olive Nest Tiny Homes. They are responsible for the construction of this home. It measures just 323 square feet. This home was featured on an episode of Tiny House, Big Living. And it has managed to garner quite a group of fans.


When you see the exterior of the home, it’s hard to think of this house as being a tiny one. The interior is also far more spacious than most of us would expect. People might think that owning a Tiny Home would be uncomfortable. But they could not be more wrong. In most cases, the owner can enjoy all the same comforts as those who live in larger residences.

Would you believe you could fit a fridge and a full-size range and oven in a home like this? There’s an 85 square foot trailer that is attached to the home. This is the true star of the show. Why? Because it is a miniature greenhouse that is designed to let homeowners grow their own fruits and veggies during all seasons of the year. It has a deck that offers a porch swing where residents can relax with an adult beverage during the summer months.

You still don’t believe me? Then, click on the video below so you can see for yourself just how much you can get for so little!

This Tiny House on Wheels Looks Small on The Outside but It\'s Awesome on The Inside!