Woman’s Dream Tiny House Even Has Walk-In Wardrobe

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“Pilipino-born Dolly migrated to New Zealand in 2005 and then moved on to Australia in 2015. She was first introduced to the concept of a “tiny house” in 2013 when she was able to tour one. She instantly fell in love with tiny houses and was determined to make one for herself.

Dolly’s fully-finished house is parked on a beautiful, spacious farm in Melbourne, Victoria. She actually met the property owner at a tiny house building workshop. One thing led to another, and she was invited to “park” her house on their property.

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While Dolly’s perfectly rectangular tiny house may look like a doll house, it is anything but that. Even from the outside, the house is warm and charming with light-color wood siding most of the way up to the roof. Near the roof, the top portion of the house is painted a light green with a matching tin roof.

The home is only 23’ x 8’, but it is extremely well-designed to capitalize on every possible inch. Everything serves a purpose and has some form of functionality. Even the steps leading up to the bedroom loft doubles as storage.

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On one end of the house is a spacious kitchen, dining area, and a sleeping loft. The light-colored wood paneled ceiling with skylight and the fact that the dining area is open to the ceiling creates a feeling of a wide-open space and roominess. On the other side of the house is another small loft area that Dolly has made into a standing-height loft office, guest room, lounge area, and generously-sized bathroom. The most surprising thing in the tiny house, though, is the walk-closet. That’s unheard of in a tiny house!

Being on the short side worked to Dolly’s advantage when it came to designing her house. She was able to create a space high enough for her to stand up straight in, while it might seem too cramped for a taller person.

It’s always inspiring to see how people customize these wonderful tiny homes to suit their specific needs and lifestyle. Dolly’s tiny house fits her personality and style perfectly.”

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Woman’s Dream Tiny House Even Has Walk-In Wardrobe