This DIY Tiny House Boat Is Perfect For Living On The Water

See what an experienced carpenter came up with when he wanted to build a floating dream home. This gentleman is so much more than a wood worker, he’s a Craftsman. You’ve never seen anything like it.

The web series Exploring Alternatives, hosted by Mat and Danielle, has taken us to some pretty wild and always cool places. In this installment, we meet a master Canadian woodworker named Richard who custom-built his own floating log cabin.

“We randomly drove past this houseboat in Montebello, Quebec, Canada” host Mat explains. “So we emailed the owner and asked him if we could take a tour and him put it in the water for us. Luckily he said yes!”

Lucky for us, too. This houseboat video has already been viewed over a million times.  The 24-foot-long home floats on three pontoons and includes a kitchen table that cleverly converts into a bed, a bathroom including a shower, and a full kitchen.  Then there’s the patio just outside the front door.

Impressively, much of the home’s amenities are run on solar energy.  The owner is eco-minded enough that he designed his own filtration system. Now that’s incredible. We’ve got to hand it to the engineering genius who built this tiny dream home.

Richard’s handiwork can be seen everywhere you look in the boat. Everything is secure so it doesn’t fall over when the boat rocks, but it’s absolutely stunning, down to the smallest detail, and so homey.  Even the ceiling beams are made of handcrafted white cedar.

The fans are going wild over this video.  “Absolutely amazed at the craftsmanship. I would love to move in there tomorrow. So simple, it’s just perfect,” wrote one eager beaver.

You’ll be wondering where you can pick up one of these miracle boats for yourself and for how much, but it’s a one of a kind beauty that Richard made all for himself. It’s a rare soul who has this many talents and finds a way to combine them into one amazing project.

“This has to be, hands down, the best houseboat build I’ve ever seen,” commented another admirer.  “I’d totally move into one just like it in a heartbeat.”

It’s unbelievable what a comfortable home he’s created in such a small space. Imagine living in this micro cabin, floating on a river or a lake, and enjoying the fresh air on an enormous deck? If you can’t tell already, we’re in love with this boat.

Don’t miss out on seeing what all the fuss is about. Tour this manmade wonder yourself by clicking the video below.  Enjoy!

This DIY Tiny House Boat Is Perfect For Living On The Water