Tiny Houses Have Been Quite Popular. But A Whole Town Of Them? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Tiny houses have been all the rage for the past for years. Not only trendy, but less than a house with a 40-thousand-dollar mortgage. At the start, the tiny houses were supposed to be something trendy, but to make still required a decent chunk of cash. At least for the initial investment it can be expensive. However, in some cases, you can find floor plans and all you need for a relatively low amount. An average of $200-$400 per square foot can get pretty expensive, but compared to the mortgage you’d pay anyway and apartment complexes seeming ensuring you won’t get your security deposit back, it may be less in the short run if you don’t mind compromising with a smaller amount of space.

The real advantage to the tiny houses would be that of avoiding homelessness. 50 fine people in Missouri found that they couldn’t stand by idly while so many veterans went without a place to live, without a place to call their own after they had sacrificed so much. After they laid their lives down as a ready exchange to protect the freedoms we get to enjoy so often. The VCP or Veterans Community Project is one such organization that helped change the lives of so many homeless veterans.

The impact they made was astonishing. A tiny village almost, of tiny homes to house so many veterans. To have shelter is really a life changing thing after living on the streets. Yet, the story doesn’t stop there. When you see what else these grateful volunteers did for these equally grateful veterans, your eyes will water with admiration.

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