Tiny Kitten Does THIS With Her Ears EVERY Time She’s Bottle-Fed. It’s Just Too Cute!

The cute little kitten featured below is called Polly. Polly is an orphaned kitty who is just two weeks old in this video. This feline has been getting care from volunteers who are involved with Feline Network of the Central Coast. This non-profit organization based in San Luis Obispo, California has been funding for her care and adoption services.

The video doesn’t explain why Polly was orphaned, but it was really important to begin taking care of her as soon as she lost her mother. A kitten will not survive very long without its mother and it is easy to see why when you see how small she is.

Polly is a tiny, black kitten and she’s wrapped in a towel in this clip so she will stay warm. You are going to melt when you see what Polly does when a volunteer bottle feeds her. Whenever she takes a swig out of the bottle, she wiggles her ears up and down and it is adorable beyond words.

To make sure the bottle is all hers, this tiny cutie even holds it with her paws! As you can see, she has a very healthy appetite, so she has also been lovingly nicknamed Pudgy Polly. She’s doing very well now and is a strong, healthy cat after all the care she received from her resuers. I wonder if her ears still wiggle when she eats.

Watch Pudgy Polly and her cute meal-time in the video below! Be sure to share your thoughts about it in the comments section!