Tiny Kitten Is Going To Bed, But What He Does With His Back Foot Will Melt Your Heart!

It may come as a surprise to dog people, but domestic cats actually outnumber domestic dogs by millions and millions in America, and many tens of millions worldwide. There are simply more cat people than dog people. What’s going on?

This video collection of kittens holds the answer to their popularity. Seriously, how can anyone not feel good after watching these incredibly cute and adorable creatures? Even at a young age a kitten already carries itself with more dignity than most dogs.

What we have here are a bunch of kittens looking like little darlings without even trying. There’s one so small it’s like the length of a finger.

There’s already a lot of climbing with these kittens. A particularly cute one made the way up its human mama’s pant leg and just hung there. Another one skedaddled up the curtain to reach the top of a bookcase with barely any room from the ceiling.

If you’re someone who adores the baby meows of a kitten, wait till you see the competing and alternating meows from two kittens! And there’s cuddling and more cuddling, on the shoulder, chin to chin, on the neck behind the scarf, and so on and so forth.

So alright, there are a few dogs in this video too, but each of them only played decidedly minor roles next to a kitten. A normally confident Jack Russell looked perplexed when approached from behind by a kitten! There’s an Australian shepherd and a pitbull too.

Do you have a personal favorite in this clip? Does it make you sad to see the kitten that had to be bottle-fed?  Do let us know in the comments section below.

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