Nurse Puts Dying Puppy Next to a Kitten, This ‘hug’ Results in a Miracle

Life can be hard sometimes for our furry folk sometimes, but just like us humans, they can overcome any obstacle with the help of good friends.

This little pup name is Barnabus, and he was born with a cleft palate, so his breeder sent him away, can you believe how heartless people can be?

Thankfully, a woman named Laura decided she was going to take care of Barnabus to help him with his condition, what a relief! She took him to his foster care to join other baby animals she had rescued too.

That same day, another member entered the adoptive family, it was a baby kitten named Broccoli, and even though Laura had her hands full, she lent a helping hand to both of them. These little babies are insanely adorable. They took to each other like siblings from the very first time!

Barnabus was very hard to take care of, especially when he arrived, because of his condition he had to be fed from a tube for his first weeks of life, which was a very demanding task for his caretaker who was already occupied with helping other critters in need.

All this stress running around to attend two needing babies was really exasperating for Laura, but facing the crisis she had an excellent idea: if she couldn’t take care of them separately, why not bring them together?

Fast-forward a couple weeks later, and these kids are growing very healthy thanks to Laura’s care. We can see them both, a little bit bigger than before and playing with each other.

Who would have thought a dog and a cat would make such a strong bond? Well, I’m not surprised! Love is love, and love heals all. Love knows no color, creed, or even species for that matter.

Then Laura shows us another case of a doggy with bad luck. On the 1:50 mark we meet Ellery Max, and you’ll heartbroken when you see what this poor pup has! You’ll have to see it for yourself.

People all over the world had many opinions on this foster family, many thanking Laura for her aid to these poor abandoned babies.

One viewer said “Cute tiny little guys, thank you for your help! I enjoyed watching this video! You guys are angels for puppy and kitten world! You guys deserve a pat on the back!”

Another viewer added “Barnabus and his siblings Ellery and Broccoli are adorable and they’re inseparable, being taken care of by their foster mom. They deserve this life. I would love to see them in their loving and caring forever home soon. Thanks, Ma’am. Truly inspiring”.

Nurse Puts Dying Puppy Next to a Kitten, This \'hug\' Results in a Miracle