These Tiny Kittens Were Being Bottle-Fed. But When The One On The Left Did THIS, I Melted! AWW!

Though I am a dog person, I admit that kittens are some of the cutest little things in the world. The following video features a set of tiny kitten triplets happily attached to their bottles, trying to fill their stomach.

Rocky, Sweet Pea, and Johnny have already begun eating with the older cats, but these tiny babies are still very enthusiastic about their bottle time. They were orphaned shortly after birth and had to be bottle fed and they still aren’t very old. But their eyes are definitely open and they are already active little kittens.

You’re going to melt when you see how their tiny little paws hold onto the relatively larger bottles. They prop the bottle up on their back feet and hold it with their front paws. At one point in the video, one of the kittens starts losing his grip on the bottle. He doesn’t seem like he’s mastered the technique quite as well as the other two.

When their foster mommy tries to adjust the bottle, he looks at her as if to say “Give that back to me!” These three little felines together are too much for me to handle! Cuteness overload for sure! You have to listen to the video as well. The sounds they make while they are feeding are pretty cute. If you need something to cheer you up today, watch these little guys.

Watch this heart-melting video down below. Did these kittens steal your heart as well? Let us know in the comments!

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