Tiny Kitty Stands Up Patiently While Her Mom Makes The Bed… I Can’t Deal With All This CUTENESS!

This little kitty really has a striking resemblance to Puss-N-Boots from Shrek does he not? This whole situation is just cuteness overload.

You’ve been warned! Kittens and cats pretty much rule the Internet today. It’s easy to explain the takeover due to their beautiful souls and how funny they can be not to mention totally unpredictable.

When I came across this short video, my heart almost exploded with joy. I just wanted to reach inside the computer screen and hug that little kitten. Her mom is preparing her bed and she has to wait for it to be finished. So to stay out of the way this amazing little feline stand up! It’s really unexpected and so funny that you will be crying in your soup.

This might be, hands down, the king off all viral cat videos and just think about what a compliment that is. So many cat videos out there on the net and this one in our opinion is the funniest thing that you might ever see in your life!

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