Tiny Little Hummingbird Falls Head Over Tail Feathers In Love With The Dog Who Saved Her

It wasn’t that long ago that Rex was a stray, living on the streets. With no home, and no place to rest his head, he was in a bad way. But about a year ago, Rex was rescued, and has been living in a loving home ever since. Now, Rex is trying to pay his good fortune forward.

While Rex was out for a walk with his new owner, Ed Gernon, he came across a hummingbird on the ground, covered in ants. Gernon figured the bird was dead and urged Rex to move along, but the dog wouldn’t budge.

“It was this little creature,” he told CBS Los Angeles. “This fragile creature that the whole world wanted to kill and he was trying to protect her so I thought I’d go the distance.”

Hummer regained her strength over the course of a few weeks, under Gernon’s care. Soon, Hummer was flying. What’s really incredible is that throughout it all, Hummer showed remarkable trust in Rex. We imagine that the bird remembered how it was Rex’s help that saved her.

Over the following weeks under Gernon’s constant care, little Hummer regained her strength and was soon flying — though seeing the remarkable trust she has in Rex suggests she remembers the role he played in saving her.

“I rescue this dog. He rescues the bird,” Gernon told the news station. “The bird rescues all of us in a weird sense and it’s just a miracle.”

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