This Tiny Monkey Tries a Cheese Puff for the First Time. His Reaction? Too Cute for Words!

Meet Toby, the Tiny monkey. You might have seen him get a nice relaxing bath and a total spa treatment! Say hello to Toby if you haven’t already met!

Toby is back again. This time, he’s trying a cheese puff. But don’t worry. It’s not the junk food most of us eat. It’s a Gerber cheese puff. That means it’s safe and very healthy for babies, so why not monkeys, too?

What does he think about his new experience? His mommy translated for him, “Mom gave me my first Gerber Cheese Puff! I kept trying to steal their yummy Cheetos, so mom surprised me with my very own. They don’t make my tummy hurt, and they are full of Vitamin E and Iron too, oh, and they taste like cheese!”