Cookie Is a “Little Penguin” and The Mascot of The Zoo Bird House in Cincinnati

We’ve all had moments when we’ve looked over and seen our pet dog or cat simply wandering around, doing everything in their power to look as adorable as they can. When we start to call out their name for them to come closer, they seem to ignore us, continuing to wander around as if we said nothing at all. Somehow, pretending not to hear us just makes them all cuter.

Suddenly, something happens, and they get a twinge of recognition. Their attention goes from a dazed and lazy wandering to an intense focus and excitement. Maybe it’s a friend. Maybe it’s a treat, or maybe it is a toy. One thing is for sure, they see something they want, and they are about to go absolutely nuts.


When this penguin named Cookie was filmed wandering around the Cincinnati Zoo, he paid little to no attention to the people calling his name. Suddenly, he notices his favorite caretaker, and he goes absolutely nuts.

Cookie is so adorable. He has even been named the official mascot of the Zoo Bird House at the Cincinnati Zoo. Words just can’t describe just how unbelievably cute this little penguin is. You’ll just have to watch this for yourself. I can watch this guy over and over again; he is adorable.

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