This Tiny Piglet Just Woke Up From A Nap, And Then Mom Asks Him If He Wants To Go Outside

Animal videos are one of the best things about the Internet and have been proven to reduce stress and blood pressure by making the body release the same endorphins we release when we fall in love or eat chocolate, only they don’t come with any heartbreak or calories. More please! Whether it is a dog, or a cat, or even a giant elephant, they just melt your heart and make you feel better. This short clip is sure to do that in just a few seconds. Videos are especially adorable when a baby animal is involved. This video features a tiny little piglet that is the definition of cute. You are sure to relieve some stress when you see this little guy!

This cute piggy just woke up from a nap, and he comes out from under all the wood shavings he was sleeping under, only to have most of them stick to the top of his  head. He was sleeping in a big pile of wood shavings when he heard his owner’s voice calling his name and he wakes right up. When she asks him if he wants to go outside, his reaction is more than precious! He’s such a small pig and he makes adorable little pig noises to show how excited he is to go outside. You will be in hysterics when you see how excited he is about the outside world! I am sure you are going to replay this video a couple of times at least!

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