This Tiny Puppy Is Just 20 Days Old. But When I Saw Her Howl, I Lost My Heart. Aww!

I have watched a lot of cute videos over the years, but this one is extra special. Belka is a Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute mix and is only twenty days old. Even at this young age, she’s a typical husky and ready to start talking! Huskies are known for being very vocal dogs, even seeming to have conversations with their owners or each other. This video shows Belka trying her best to howl. Have you ever seen a puppy learn how to howl? It is so adorable!

Belka means squirrel in Russian. She was named that for the color of her coat. She lives in Churchill Manitoba, the polar bear capital of the world. Belka is one of the most adorable pups I have ever seen! She is surely going to melt your heart with her “fierce” howling! I’m sure you will find her just as intimidating as I did, right before you want to pick her up and hug her.

Belka’s mother is the family pet, and her mother was nearby when this was filmed. Belka’s human, a teenage boy, is cuddling with her on the couch and teaching her to howl. He’s pretty good at himself! She copies what her human does and howls away while resting on his stomach. Her little mouth puckers up and she is just precious when she howls.

At one point she looks like she might be ready for a nap, and her human gives howling one more try, and Belka responds, much to her human’s delight. But then they are finished it is Belka’s nap time with mommy, I bet.

Watch this cute video below! What are your thoughts about this? Share them with us in the comments section!

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