When This Teeny-Tiny Puppy Encounters A “Giant” Great Dane, The Outcome Is ADORABLE… Aww!

The world is a great big place with wonder, excitement, and new things around every corner — just as this teeny-tiny puppy soon discovers!

Meet little Mikey . He’s  only a few inches tall, but he’s all heart and he has a very adventurous spirit…. and he’s just a little naughty, but in a very cute way: He “escaped” from his kennel and decided to go hang out with the “big” dogs. LOL

Mikey soon encounters a Great Dane named Sasha who immediately takes an interest in little Mike who follows Sasha all around the yard.  The curiosity is contagious as they both are very obviously fast becoming buddies. Too cute!

And the icing on the cake of this adorable clip?? At the very end of the video they both see a squirrel! Oh my goodness! You’re heart is going to melt when you see this:

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