Tiny Puppy Snuggles Up To Newborn And Does The Sweetest Thing Ever

Okay, we can all go home now. We’ve officially found the most adorable video of all time. I squealed with delight watching as this newborn baby enjoys a relaxing nap, but right beside her is her adorable puppy sibling who can’t seem to keep her eyes open! Mom made sure to keep the cameras rolling as the puppy begins to doze off with her sister, and I’m grateful to her for letting us share in this heart-warming moment.

In this clip, a baby girl is sleeping soundly on the blanket on the floor, and nearby is the family’s puppy who, watching the little girl, decides he needs a nap too. But like most puppies and toddlers, he fights off sleep, bobbing and weaving while trying to keep his eyes open. He’s so tired and just doesn’t want to give in. Maybe he thinks he needs to stay awake to guard his human sister while she sleeps.

Eventually he finds a solution that will allow him to take a nap and take care of his little human. He’s clever, this one. The moment I saw the puppy rest her head on the baby, I was done for. Cutest moment ever. Can Mom and Dad chronicle these two as they grow older together and share more videos, please?

We’ve seen many videos showing the incredible bond between dog and baby, and how kids can be so lucky to grow up with caring canines.

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